Charity (TZEDAKA)- The kabbalists recommended giving charity, tzedaka on Purim. The Ari explains that Purim is the one day of the year to give without hesitation or calculation to anyone that asks for your assistance or charity. The reason being that when we act this way on Purim, the universe acts this way towards us in return because the gates of abundance are completely open.

Half a Shekel (MACHATZIT HASHKEL)- On Purim, we take part in the Half a Shekel (machatzit hashkel) connection, where we give a set amount of $10 per person, the value of a half a silver coin. Our consciousness during this action should be to see more than just half the picture, to see further than what is possible with our limited senses. When we see the big picture, we understand cause and effect more clearly. We understand why things happen for us, not to us, We can ask for assistance in letting go of control and maintaining certainty in the Creator’s desire to assist us. 

Gifts to the Poor (MATANOT LA’EVYONIM)- The kabbalists explain that this is different than charity. Normally when we give charity it’s to help or fill a lack in someone’s life. The consciousness of Purim is to connect to a reality beyond any lack, where there is no one person above or better than the other. Everything we give is a gift and pure sharing simply for the sake of sharing itself. The ultimate consciousness behind giving is feeling that it is a merit to give, without any ego involved. This introduces the concept of sharing without ego to establish our vessel for unity for the year to come.